Business Setup in India

In today's world it is considerably easier to setup or start a company in India. Now a days it needs lesser time frame to start your business in India compared to yester years. It takes only less that 5 weeks to register a company in any part of India. With the digitalization of company registration process the time consumed for company registration have come down dramatically.

Our team of experts can provide all the assistance in starting a business in India. With the experience we gained from several years with hundreds of clients who have started their successful business ventures in all parts of India, we can assure you the best services at the most competitive rates. Our business consulting services spans from the starting of a company or business till that business becomes a successful enterprise in India.

Legal and various types of document works are involved in starting a business in India other than approvals from Government of India. We can assist you in registering your company in India along with getting vital documents and approvals from the government.


CA Karnik & Kanvinde is specialized in Internal/Management Audits which are primarily conducted in order to provide the client’s management a clear, comprehensive and unbiased analysis of the functional efficiency of the organization and to suggest possible areas for improvements. We CA Karnik & Kanvinde strongly believe in Internal Audits being a value addition exercise rather than a mere compliance exercise.

CA Karnik & Kanvinde firmly believes in providing value added services through highest levels of professional competency and integrity to its clients. Our Internal Audit services are designed to suit the individual client specific needs. It provides assistance to clients in managing their key business concerns, be it achieving strategic business goals, meeting operational challenges, complying with regulatory norms or managing reporting requirements.

Corporate Law Compliance

Indian companies are governed by Companies Act 1956 and company has to comply with various statutory provisions as per different sections of Companies Act 1956. Corporate law today is a complex piece of legislation that governs the activities of not only domestic companies but also that of foreign companies setting up shop in India. At every step, corporates have to comply with the plethora of provisions contained in legislations such as Indian Companies Act, FEMA Compliances, SEBI Regulations.

At CA Karnik & Kanvinde, We not only provide advice on ensuring compliance with these regulations but also provide secretarial support with respect to incorporation of subsidiaries anywhere in India.

Tax & Regulatory

CA Karnik & Kanvinde has tax professionals with the expertise, commitment and experience to provide business and personal tax advice.

Businesses face the challenge of turning their newly established operations into profit making operations within a stated period of time, which is not an easy task. For taking advantage of all possible opportunities should certainly include proper tax planning and advice.

Business cannot expect to survive in today's world economy without a clear sense of purpose and a strategy to reach goals. CA Karnik & Kanvinde supports clients as they plan and adapt in order to meet the challenges of going global.

Tax laws are now complex and therefore it's most essential to ensure that businesses with cross border operations undertake adequate tax planning at an early stage.

Tax & Regulatory Compliance

In todays world corporate as well as individuals are required to comply with a number of tax compliances, which require expert knowledge and are mostly time-bound and technical in nature. CA Karnik & Kanvinde specialise in providing Time-bound and quality Tax services to our clients which them to operate efficiently and minimise their tax liability.

We offer expert consultancy to Corporate, foreign Companies, individuals (both Residents and Non-residents), partnership firms who are liable to pay Tax according to the Indian legislation authority. We can develop tax strategies that can help our clients in managing new tax laws according to our legislation. Our expert services include - Tax Planning, Reducing Tax Liabilities & Risks, Finalization of Accounts, Filing of Returns, Preparation of Tax planning and preparation.